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        Low Cost IV Measurement System
        We use a simulator in combination with source meter and software to measure the efficiency of single & multi crystalline silicon solar cell,thin-film solar cell,dye-sensitized solar cell,Ⅲ-V solar cell and organic solar cell.

        Solar simulator's Irradiated Area:50mm×50mm.
        Source Meter:KEITHLEY 2400.
        FEATURE:current / voltage source and measure.
        ● Power Output:20W
        ● Voltage Range:±1μV to ±210V
        ● Current Range:±10PA to ±1.05A
        ● Accessories: USB GPIB Card.
        ●Software:HMTOPTICS-SOLAR operation software,measuring parameters such as IV curve,Isc,IVmax,Voc,FF,power convert efficiency.(If you have already had Keithley,USB GBIP Card and Simulator in hand ,we can just sell software to you.)

        Another Choice for Source Meter:  

        Portable Source Meter with Software Built In:
        ● Funcion:measure IV curve,Isc,Ivmax,Voc,Filling Factor,and power convert efficiency.
        ● Battery Type:1.2V AA rechargeable battery ×8(2700m Ah)
        ● AC Adaptor:AC 110V or 220V input,DC 12V/3A output.
        ● Dimension: 257(L)×155(W)×57(H) mm,
        10.1(L)×6.1(W)×2.2(H) In.
        ● Weight:1160g/40.9 oz (battery included).


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